Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Male Las Vegas Escorts

I received a call from an older couple in Las Vegas staying at the MGM. They wanted a male entertainer to come and entertain the wife. I told them the fee he would have to pick up if they decided they wanted him to stay. They told me to send. I woke him up, he got in the shower, ready to head to the hotel. The wife called and said the people they were in town with were probably up and they didn't want them to know they had called for someone to come by. I reassured them that he wasn't going to show up wearing nothing but spandex pants, LOL, but that he would be dressed just like everyone else, discrete. I told her that if when he got to their room and their friends were there or they decide they didn't want him to stay for any reason, he would leave without any charge to them at all, only pay him the fee if they wanted him to stay.
Now, remember I have him getting ready after waking him up to go on this call.
She tells me, they are too afraid their friends will find out or know some how since they were staying across the hall from them.
When I called our male entertainer with the news, lets just say, he was not a very happy camper.
My suggestion to people like this? DON'T call and set up an appointment with Vegas escorts until you are ready or know when you want to set it up for later.
I went through a lot of back and forth with them, with them never mentioning their friends were next door. Was it just an excuse? Probably so. "If you are scared, go to church" LMAO!

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