Friday, April 16, 2010

Go Ahead and Do It, I Told Myself

COLD FEET! I had planned ahead several months prior to my visit to Las Vegas a date with a sexy brunette I found on an escort web site. Gave all my information they required to screen me along with my hotel information. I called as soon as I was check into my room, gave them my room number, tower, and what time I wanted her to get there. About 30 minutes before she was supposed to arrive, the company called and said something had come up with the girl I ordered and asked me if they could send over a girl very similar with the same body type, breast size, age, all that. I asked what happened to the girl I ordered, they said they did not know anything other than she had to cancel all of her appointments for the next few days with no notice. They did tell me that if for any reason I didn't like her, I could just call then and they would have her leave with NO charge to me at all. Why not, right? Send her over, I said. At my hotel you have to show a key to get on the elevator, so when she called me to come down and get her I answered the phone, she told me what she was wearing and where we were to meet downstairs. I called the company back explaining I had changed my mind and only wanted to see the original girl. Next thing I know there was a knock at my door, it was her. Some how she got up and was wanting to come inside my room. She actually was exactly what I was hoping the original girl would be, what a relief.

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