Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Las Vegas Escorts Rock Man

My best friend and I planned a trip to Las Vegas together. We had separate rooms, of course, but were just a few doors down from each other. We have been friends since childhood and usually tell each other everything. I decided to set up an appointment with an Asian escort without telling my friend, unsure how he would react to what I wanted to experience while in Las Vegas. I had told him I was going to get a massage in my room and would join him downstairs at the black jack table in about an hour. I met with the girl and did some things I never thought I would do, which is a very good thing. Later that night he started complaining about a headache he couldn't get rid of, he went to relax in his room and if he was feeling better would rejoin me downstairs. I didn't see him the rest of the night.
On our way home two days later we were on the plane and were talking about the fun we had had. I confessed to seeing the escort, unsure how he was going to take it, he had a confession as well. He didn't have a headache, lol. Great minds think alike. The way he described the girl he saw, we may have seen the same girl. LMAO!

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