Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Don't Be Disrespecting My Whores Bitch

I went to Las Vegas with a group of friends right after graduation, girls and guys, co-ed. I was single but had been thinking about getting with a couple of the different girls that were there with us. Immediately the girls are trying to couple up with us. NO! I'm getting one of the escorts I saw on the Internet. I wanted to see the escort the first night. I was on line trying to figure out which one I wanted when one of the girls saw what i was doing. She was being totally disrespectful, calling them whores.
I called and ordered the escort I wanted, she was in my room in about 30 minutes, we took care of the business part of it, then went into my room of the suite we had. I'm not gonna say what happened but it was absolutely worth it. Lets just say the girls were all freaked out, the guys thought it was cool.

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